Asphalt & Concrete Road Construction

Infra Inc. has vast experience in both asphalt and concrete road construction. We have undertaken many developments utilizing both types of pavement materials.

Concrete road projects include Whitehall Development & Old Queens Fort.

Asphalt road projects include Waterhall Land/Eagle Hall, Josey Hill in St. Lucy and Welches Grove, amongst many other.

Infra Inc. equipment fleet includes industry leading, state-of-the-art paving, grading and milling equipment.

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Coastal & Marine Construction

Infra Inc. has vast experience in the coastal and marine construction field. Much of the Infra Inc. team was involved in the construction of Port Ferdinand Marina, which included the construction of dock fronts and finger piers as well as multiple sea defense structures, wave attenuation systems and dredging.

The dock fronts were built using a sheet pile wall with a concrete capping beam. The finger piers were constructed of steel pipe piles and/or concrete piles with concrete pile caps joined by timber beams forming the walkway.

The coastal defense structures included a large emergent (above water) breakwater, two entrance groyne and a buried shoreline revetment. There were built utilising a combination of local and imported armour rock ranging in size from 3 to 12 tonnes.

The lagoon basin was dredged utilising both mechanical and hydraulic dredging. A large portion of the dredging was carried out using excavators while much of the fine tuning was done using a hydraulic dredge.

The Sandpit Wharf Rehabilitation involved the reconstruction of the dock front using a precast concrete design. Concrete piles were driven and the structure put together with a series of beam and slabs.


Foundations & Piling

As a leading civil construction company in Barbados there are few examples of ground conditions, which we have not tackled and provided appropriate foundation solutions. With our broad experience and knowledge of construction services our team is able to make suggestions, evaluate alternatives, and offer advice to the project team. As a result of this early collaboration, Infra Inc. incorporates the required materials, systems, and elements into construction documents to efficiently and safely build the project without impacting the functional or aesthetic design.

Recent examples of foundation solutions have included sheet piles for Sol Worthing and piling for the Bissex Hill Cellular Tower.

INFRA Inc. can provide foundation solutions for bridges, retaining walls, sea walls, dock walls, harbour walls, buildings, cranes, plant and other heavy facilities.'


Utility Installation – Specialising in Trenchless Technology

Infra Inc. leads the way with trenchless technology in the Caribbean. We currently own a horizontal directional drill and two pipe bursting machines. This technology allows the installation of utility pipes/conduits/mains without having to excavate open trenches.