MTW Highway 1 Rehabilitation Project – Molyneux Road to Highway 1A

MTW Highway 1 Rehabilitation Project


The Ministry of Transport and Works and Water Resources has commissioned Infra Inc. to carry out road works as part of the Highway 1 Rehabilitation Project.

Infra Inc will be working with utility providers to replace electrical, telecommunications, and gas mains in the Sunset Crest/Holetown areas between Molyneux Road and Highway 1A/Seaview Road (Limegrove Lifestyle Centre).

These upgrades are required to improve drainage and allow the integration of underground utility lines. Additionally, road surfaces and pedestrian pathways will also be enhanced and improved.

Construction is scheduled to begin in October 2020 and expected to take approximately 2 months. Work will be carried out overnight, between 6pm and 6am.



Prior to construction, representatives from Infra Inc will be taking pre-construction photos along the construction route.

Any residences or commercial properties directly adjacent to the route will receive an additional notification letter regarding property conditions surveys to be carried out in conjunction with the owner before any works begin.

Utility Providers will begin locating their existing infrastructure in preparation for this work, therefore please do not remove any marker stakes or paint markings until the project is completed.



  • Traffic Delays and Road Closures – Lane restrictions and road closures may be in effect to safely complete this infrastructure improvement which may cause traffic diversions and delays. We will make every effort to minimize this inconvenience and provide advance notice when disruptions must occur. Emergency services will also be informed of these restrictions.
  • Increased vehicular traffic – at times you will notice increased traffic as we transport equipment and materials or if nearby works create a traffic diversion through your neighbourhood. Please be aware and use extra caution while travelling.
  • Noise and Vibration – You may experience some noise and vibration as a result of construction. Please note that it is our intention to cease all excavation and hammering by 11:00pm.
  • Dust and Mud – Due to the nature of the work, there will be increased levels of dust and mud in and around the work site. Preventative and mitigative measures will be put in place to reduce the impact on residents.
  • Water Service Disruption- There may be some disruption to water service during the project. Residents will be given advanced notice by Barbados Water Authority prior to any scheduled shutdown or disruption.



If you require further information at this time please contact us at:

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