Road Works Notice: April 12 – 25, 2021

Infra Construction Inc is proud to be a part of the team responsible for cleaning the highways and major roads of Barbados, clearing the ashfall as a result of the 2021 eruption of La Soufriere in St Vincent.

On Friday 9th April 2021, La Soufriere volcano erupted – and has erupted several more times over the last 4 days – causing a tremendous amount of volcanic ash to be deposited on Barbados, particular the northern parts.

As a result of the build-up of the volcanic ash, the Government of Barbados has requested Infra Construction Inc, as well as other major contractors, to shift our resources at this time to assist with the National Clean-up campaign so as to allow the country to re-open to business in the shortest possible time.  Consequently, we have had to cease our operations on our current road works projects for the time being.

Please be advised that the situation is very fluid as conditions continue to change as we follow Government’s daily directives. We will continue to keep the public abreast of the situation as it pertains to the National Clean Up and the resumption of the roadworks across the island via our social media channels and website.

Thank you for consideration during this period, and we hope you continue to stay safe.


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